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I am currently a human AI researcher, a full-stack developer in the past, and an entrepreneur in the future. My research aligned with the exploration of the collaboration between human and state-of-the-art code generation models. My other research focuses on moderating online social media and fostering the sense of community.

I am a Master's student in Computer Science at the University of Waterloo and am supervised by Dr. Jian Zhao (WatVis). After graduation, I would like to become a research engineer and prepare my startup.

Current State

Open to any research collaboration and looking for research intern

  • Research Interest
    Online Community HAI Visual Analytics
  • Job Fit Research Engineer/ Backend developer/ Data Scientist/ Cloud Architecture/ Project Manager
  • Hobbies Violin/ Swimming/ Board Game
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Latest News

Paper Accepted to CHI! 🎉2023-01-16

I'm coming to the CHI23 conference at Hamburg, German in 2023. I will present my work on the collaboration between human and code generation models. I will also present my work on moderating online social media and fostering the sense of community.

Paper Accepted to CSCW23! 🙌 2023-01-07

I'm coming to the CSCW23 conference at Seattle, US in 2023. I will present my work on the collaboration between human and code generation models. I will also present my work on moderating online social media and fostering the sense of community.

I'm coming to Waterloo 🎓2023-01-03

I'm coming to the University of Waterloo in 2023. I will be supervised by Dr. Jian Zhao. I will be working on the project of visual analytics for social media.


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CHI 2023

Paper Image Preview

StoryChat: Designing a Narrative-Based Viewer Participation Tool for Live Streaming Chatrooms [pdf] [doi] [video]

Ryan Yen, Li Feng, Brinda Mehra, Ching Christie Pang, Siying Hu, Zhicong Lu

A narrative-based viewer participation tool that utilizes a dynamic graphical plot to reflect chatroom negativity. We discovered that StoryChat encouraged viewers to contribute prosocial comments, increased viewer engagement, and fostered viewers' sense of community.

Social Media Viewer Participation Narrative Online Community CHI23 Design Space

CSCW 2023

Paper Image Preview

Wizundry: A Cooperative Wizard of Oz Platform for Simulating Future Speech-based Interfaces with Multiple Wizards [pdf] [doi] [video]

Siying Hu, Ryan Yen*, Ziwei Yu, Mingjian Zhao, Katie Seaborn, Can Liu

A real-time, web-based WoZ platform that allows multiple Wizards to collaboratively operate a speech-to-text based system remotely. Our findings reveal the promises and challenges of the multi-Wizard approach and open up new research questions.

WizardOfOz System Wizard-AI Interaction HAI CSCW23 Workflow

Working Experience (full-time)

AI Research Intern

May 2021 - Jan 2022

Huawei Research Centre

  • Lung Cancer Detection, CV, AI Explainability in pathology diagnosis
  • MindSpore Pathology Diagnosis AI Challenge organizer
  • Online AI training, testing and evaluation platform
  • Speaker of Training AI Model on Huawei Cloud ModelArts AI Platform
  • Opening Speaker of Huawei AI challenge
  • Invited guest to Huawei Cloud Summit 2021
  • Computer Vision Deep Learning Explainable AI Full-Stack Development
Applied Research Computer Vision Cancer Detection Explainable AI Full-Stack

CTO, Co-Founder

Oct 2021 - April 2021


We have developed a patented sensor for measuring dissolved oxygen in the ocean and used its fast and real-time nature to build AI network, which is dedicated to monitoring water quality in real time and predicting the health of the ocean within three months.

  • Ocean water sensor & Dissolved Oxygen prediction AI model
  • Deep-Learning based real-time classifier for ocean water quaity prediction
  • Funding from HK Government
  • Funding from Hong Kong Science Park
  • Funding from HKTech300, CityU
  • Startup Deep Learning Full-Stack

    Full-Stack Intern

    Sep 2020 - May 2021

    Networld Tech Ltd.

    I am part of a new team at Networld, nearD, a social networking site with a focus on privacy, multi-identity, and locality.

  • Cross-platform user interface, data visualization in nearD admin panel
  • Several Campaign Websites built with Leveral and React
  • Docker, K8s containerized and auto deployment to Google Cloud
  • Server side network and API management and scaling
  • CI/CD and two-step authorization on IP network restriction
  • Full-Stack Container Database Cloud Laravel


    Research-based Master Degree

    Jan 2023 - Present

    University of Waterloo

    David R. Cheriton School of Computer Science

    • UW Grad Scholarship
    • International Masters Award Excellence Scholarship
    • Graduate Research Studentship Scholarship
    • TA Funding
    • Research Assistant in WatVis Lab

    Visting Student

    June 2021 - Aug 2021

    Stanford University

    Department of Statistics

    • HKSAR Government Reaching Out Awards Funding
    • CGPA 4.0/4.0

    Bachelor Degree

    Sep 2018 - June 2022

    City University of Hong Kong

    Department of Computer Science

    • Vice President of Computer Science Student Chapter
    • 4 years Full CityU International Student Scholarship
    • Awarded Dean's List
    • HKSAR Government Scholarship Fund
    • HK STEM Internship Scholarship
    • Department Overseas Learning Funding
    • English Proficiency Scholarship
    • Departmental Research Funding
    • Research Assistant in DEER Lab
    • Research Assistant in ERFI Lab
    • Research Assistant in MEI Lab

    Communities & Events & Volunteers


    • Google Developers Student Club
    • CityU CS Student Chapter
    • Microsoft Learn Ambassador
    • AWS Educate Ambassador
    • IEEE Student Chapter
    • CityU IT Team


    • AWS Cloud AI workshop 2021
    • CityU IT Team Tech seminars
    • CityHack 2018-21
    • MindSpore AI Challenge 2021
    • CityU AWSome Day 2020-21
    • Google Cloud Summit 2021
    • Google I/O Extend 2021
    • Python Workshop Series 2019


    • Stage actor - Mikado Children Theatre
    • Hospital Violinist (Taipei)
    • International Educational Volunteer (Thailand)
    Where to find me

    DC School of Computer Science
    University of Waterloo
    Waterloo, ON, CA

    Email Me At
    Contact Me At

    Mobile: (+1) 548 255 4429